Graphic Designing

software tools a graphic designer uses every day

Photoshop – Image manipulation

Photoshop is a very versatile and well-used program in the industry. It’s main use is to edit and retouch photographic images but it can also be used in a variety of different ways. This includes creating graphics, mocking up websites, painting digital art and so on. Basically, it’s a powerhouse used in a lot of workflows to do a lot of different things.

Illustrator – Illustrating and vector graphics

Illustrator is a very important tool for a lot of designers. With it you can create graphics and illustrations in various vector formats.This is its’ main difference to Photoshop, as Photoshop works mainly with raster formats.To put it very simply, vector graphics can be scaled endlessly while raster graphics have a finite number of pixels and eventually will lose some quality as they are scaled. Illustrator is also the app used the most for creating logotypes.

InDesign – Layouting

InDesign is where everything is put together. If, for example, we are creating a pamphlet – this is where we’d take the logotype created in Illustrator, the photos and other possible graphics created in Photoshop, and put it all together with the type/text in InDesign. InDesign is a very powerful tool as it is used to create everything from small brochures to entire books as well as e-magazines. In short, it can be used to create material both for print as well as interactive material for the web.

Some other tools in the Adobe CC that a designer might use regularly include 

Premiere (video editing)
After Effects (VFX  computer animation and motion graphics)
Flash (animation and software development)


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