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Boutiques and Tailoring services in Bangalore is a big business. Shine is a frequent term used in the field of art, music and culture. Our team of professional tailors uses the latest cutting techniques and procedures to make the wardrobe suiting the needs of the customer. Our services are lauded by the customers due to remarkable accuracy, timely completion, good patterns and reasonable price. 

The unique combination of creativity and skill is showcased by our company. We have a team of skilled tailors who design wardrobes for customer depending on their body requirements. Some of the services offered by the Shine Boutique are given below as follows: Blouse: It is an upper garment worn by the women and can be worn on festivals like Deepavali, Holi, , and others. We undertake the stitching of the blouse worn by the peasants, women, children and artists. It is the female equivalent of the shirt worn by the males. Princess Cut Blouse: A Beautiful sari is incomplete without a good blouse. The princess cut blouse will make a female look like a princess. Only the front part of the body would change, back part of the body would remain as the normal blouse. The stitching techniques are same like the way normal blouse is stitched.

Western Frock: It is one of the major dressing patterns of the western world. These kinds of dresses are worn by women of younger and older ages in India and abroad. In commonwealth nations “Frock” is the alternate word used instead of girls or women’s dress. Handwork/Embroidery Work for Blouses and dresses.

A good handwork or embroidery is the ultimate ladder of success for any tailor. Our culture is very rich in art forms, dance forms and others. Our company is the finest service provider of Hand Embroidery work and the products are developed using the high quality yarns, beads, colorful threads, appliqué, beautiful stones and colorful threads. 

Salwar Suits : It is also known as the Salwaar kameez. Both men and women can wear Salwar suits. However, the style of the Salwar suits will change as per the gender. It is a wonderful combination of Salwaar meaning drawers, and Kameez meaning the shirt. Anarkali Suits: It is a type of women’s dress and consists of long frock style top and slim fit bottom. It is fast catching ripples in south Asia. It comes with different lengths and embroideries and some of them touch the floor.

Bridal Wears : It is the clothing worn by the bride during wedding ceremony. The brides often wear white dress in western weddings and red in eastern wedding to showcase auspiciousness. During wedding seasons it is high in demand and Shine Boutique always delivers at a reasonable price.

Sari Kucchu: The kutchhi sari is made with finest quality fabrics and originates in Gujarat. It is available in finest fabrics and wonderful colors and can be customized as per the specifications of the customer.

Cut work Embroidery Saris: This type of designs originated in Italy and spread to other parts of the world. The tailors at Shine Boutique are best in offering good services and the range differs in chiffon, Tussar and Kanchivaram. Some of them are traditional and others are said to be very contemporary. Palazzo Pants: This is worn during the summer season. It can be made with silk, crepe and jersey and was popular outfit during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. It is a new loose cropped trouser creating ripples in the fashion world. 

Katori Cut Blouse : It is different from the normal blouse and is used to merge two colors in the front part. Shine Boutique provides good quality Katori Cut Blouse to the customers at affordable price. To know more about the exciting world of women’s tailoring, visit and grab the coolest offers.

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