Blessing Interiors in Bangalore

Interior designers in Bangalore is gaining the cynosure of every individual of Bangalore. Blessing Interiors is the creation of Mr. Maharajan. B and Shireesha, playing a vital role in offering quality interior design services in and around Bangalore. Our skilled artisans with finest designs, make our showroom a great force to reckon with. It is established in a beautiful locality of Ganganagar. 

Our Mission: We believe in offering quality Interior designing for various houses under the sun.

Features: We offer thought provoking, inspirational designs for interiors and exteriors at reasonable prices.

Our Vision: Effective utilization of resource, and providing superior creativity and fantabulous output in designing 

Interior Works and Designing: Blessing Interiors is good in undertaking design of residences, cozy homes, villas, bungalows, flats/apartments to full fill the desire of the clients. Residential designs consist of Halls, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchens, Dining rooms, Toilets. Our services are a sweet combination of modernity and tradition and we believe in creativity to the core.

Aluminum Sliding Doors and Windows: We at Blessing Interiors are worthy in offering the Aluminium sliding doors and windows for independent houses, flats, condominiums, bungalows. It is made with quality Aluminium tracks and frame systems providing superior quality in motion.

Safety Grill Works: Blessing Interiors are finest in offering grill works to customers in Bangalore. We are good in MS fabricated grills and known for beauty. It is ideal for residential and commercial purposes and are authentic and colourful. 

Mosquito Screens: Good house needs protection from mosquitoes and Blessing Interiors offers superior mosquito screen to ward of threat from houseflies, mosquitoes that cause dengue, malaria and affect our environment.

Paintings: Blessing Interiors has a supreme team of painters having their roles to play. We have the interior and external painting team providing hassle free paintings. We providing finest consultation in painting homes using colours, materials and budget suiting the customer requirements. External painting is done by us using vibrant colours grabbing eyeballs in and around Bangalore. 

Window Curtain Binds: Blessing Interiors is good in providing window coverings and is made up of plastic, wood and metals. Windows binds can be manual and remote controlled. It includes roller blinds, wood blinds, and standard horizontal and vertical blinds. Window Curtain enhance the beauty of the house in Bangalore.

Glass Partition Works: We at Blessing Interiors provide quality glass partition works and is used to make sweet rooms, or create a full floor with glasses. One can mix and match for sliding doors, nature/type of doors, and provide single glazed and double glazed office partitioning with stunning effects.

Pop Works: We undertake designing of the bedrooms, drawing rooms, kitchens, living rooms, halls and offering the false ceiling/ gypsum partition work to make your house gorgeous. We handle household and office premises works and give good looks to the buildings. 

Wall Papers and Wooden Floorings: Wooden floorings and eye catching wall papers appealing to your mind and heart is provided by Blessing Interiors. Different type of rooms would demand various wall papers and various kinds of wooden floorings as well. Some of the floorings has been imported from France, Germany and other nations.


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