Teknologix Solutions in Bangalore

CCTV dealers has been using Bangalore as their base for longer period of time. Furthermore, the rise of many companies led to evolution of many computer repair centers in Bangalore. Computers are used by people in Bangalore and this encouraged Mr. Mohammad Hassan, to establish the Teknologix Solutions to offer services like CCTV installations and repairs, laptop services, desktop services, networking services and data recovery as well. It is located in a beautiful locality known as HBR layout in Bangalore.

Teknologix Solutions is the major service provider in offering various services. Some of the services offered by the Teknologix Solutions are as follows:

CCTV INSTALLATIONS: Teknologix Solutions is good in offering good CCTV installations in Bangalore. Security is the major concept in rural and urban areas. CCTV is the foremost notion of the security equipment and consists of storage devices, cameras and monitors. So when you install CCTV, other components do come along with it like

  • Wireless CCTV cameras, 4 in quantity
  • Hard disk to store approximately 250 Gb
  • BNC Connectors, Adaptors and Cables
  • USB Receivers
  •  Software Installations done on Computers
  •  LCD Monitors
  •  Network Attached Storage with 2TB Memory
  •  DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to store details in digital forms

 LAPTOP SERVICES: Laptop services is the major component of the Teknologix Solutions. Our technicians are well trained to diagnose and repair issues and services that we undertake are display repairs, keyboard repairs, hard disk repairs, LCD repairs as well. Reloading of the Operating systems like Windows 7, Motherboard repairs, Virus, Malware and Spyware removals, Chip repairs, Internal cleaning, Password resets, laptop RAM and Hard disk upgradations, laptop backlight inverter replacements, Mac screen repairs, Dell, Asus, Toshiba, HP, IBM, Acer, Compaq, Lenovo screen repairs in Bangalore.


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