Amphi Family Salon & Spa in Bangalore

 Family Salon & Spa in Bangalore

Beauty Parlours and family saloons in Bangalore is the important thing that is happening to people in and around Bangalore. Youngsters in Bangalore love to look trendy and energetic and nothing better than the saloon/spa to take care of the health related issues. It is created by Mrs. Anuradha and is good in offering various services under the sun. Set up in the wonderful locality of Amruthahalli and known for good quality treatment in and around Bangalore.


Amphi Family Saloon and Spa is the most happening saloon in and around Bangalore. Some of the finest services done by the Amphi Family Saloon and Spa are:

Unisex Saloon: Amphi Family Saloon and Spa is one of the major unisex saloons set up in Amruthahalli in Bangalore and these saloons are not gender specific. Both males and females beauty issues are taken good care. Most of the unisex saloons are always crowded and hence proper appointment or reservation is said to be necessary to visit.

Wedding Package: Wedding is an important event that is taking place in the life of an individual and Amphi Family Saloon and Spa is good in offering good dressing treatment to both males and female customers in and around Bangalore. Some of the wedding packages given by us are as follows:

Body Polishing: It is a process undertaken in order to get a very smooth and gentle skin. Doing this on a regular basis for months altogether, gives the person a perfectly toned body.

Eyebrows: Eyebrows gives beauty to the eyes and a good eyebrow cleaning will make you feel good and beautiful. 

Hair Care: Beauty of the women lies in the hair and her face. So Amphi Family Saloon and Spa takes good care of the hair by offering glittering hair colours, so that they can make their counterparts very jealous. 

Manicure and Pedicures: Various treatment is offered by Amphi Family Saloon and Spa and it involves proper work on hand and legs. Manicure would consist of shaping the free edge, pushing the dirt, hand massage, bleaching, and fingernail polish. Same treatment done to the legs, toenails, and other parts of the body is known as the pedicures. Furthermore, there are various manicures like the hot oil/herbal oil manicures as well. There are various oils, that can be used namely Olive oil and Beauty oils bringing glow to your skin.

Good Massage: Power-packed massage to the body is ideal for maintaining a good body. Amphi Family Saloon and Spa does massages like the massage of the head, shoulder, neck, legs, and the hand to rejuvenate your tiring body. Furthermore, we also undertake full body massage with the steam massage to make you feel good and bouncing. 

Body Scrubs and Wraps: Amphi Family Saloon and Spa is good in offering body scrubs and wraps to customers. We remove the dead skins and help to rejuvenate yourself and we offer cleaning by almond/honey, tree oil cleaning, milk cleaning, whitening scrub. A good paste is applied over body like chocolate/natural fruit paste over the body and wrapped with blankets. It will also allow to absorb the natural materials and make you feel good.

Mode Of Payment: Amphi Family Saloon And Spa takes the payment only by cash. 

Waxing And Hair Removals: People at the Amphi Family Saloon And Spa are good in carrying out the Waxing and Hair removal therapy. We are good in removing hair by the laser hair removals.

Specialized Services: We at Amphi Family Saloon and Spa are good in offering customized services to our staff members. It is a kind of services ideal for family and friends. It would consist of change of polish, changing the hair textures, hairdo, change of polish and others. 

For more relaxed massage to your body, visit and enjoy benefits.


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