Bachpan A Play School in Bangalore

Bachpan A Play Schools In Bangalore

Play Home Centers are the major center of quality education. The prescribed age for any person to go to school is five years. When you are very young, the ultimate place to be will be the play school or the day care school. Some of the day care school will also admit children when they are 3 years of age. 

Bachhpan Play School is the creation of the S K Educations private limited and within the period of 10 years the school has risen to the top and has 1500 plus branches. The name of the founder is Mr. S.K. Gupta, a real estate top gun who wanted to offer quality education for all. It is located in Yelahanka New Town, Near Yoga Kendra in Bangalore. We believe that we are “India Ka Favourite Play School”.

The Bachhpan Play School is the major education provider in and around Bangalore. The school are concerned with the development of the children and introducing organized learning in a systematic manner.

ISO Certified School: Bachhpan Play School is present in every corner of India and is an ISO-2008 certified company and provides quality preschool education. 

Nursery Schools: Most of the kids before entering the Bachhpan Play School initially will not be sharp, however, after getting the proper exposure, they will turn into sharper kids and will have a bright future.

Free Play: The kids studying at the Bachhpan Play School are very sharp and hence not forced to anything. They become very interactive and play with various toys. If the children is playing with the bus, the teacher will sing the song of the bus. 

Avoiding Separation Anxiety: Many kids cry when they get separated from their parents and it can be very traumatic for the kids. Bachhpan Play School avoids the separation anxiety and feels that the kids must be strong and able to face the world. They have got highest level of the skills and good sense of vocabulary. 

Parent Teacher Meeting: Bachhpan Play School gives importance not only to the kids, but also the parents as well. It is about effective interaction with the parents and have approaches to the concept of parenting in and around Bangalore. The parents can also go ahead and judge the child’s behavior as well. Most of the parents can approach superiors, if they face any problems with their kids at home or schools.

Perfect Toilet Habits: We at the Bachhpan Play School are good in providing good toilet habits to the kids in and around Bangalore. We teach kids how to brush teeth, eat breakfast, clean hands, nose and wash face. We also tell them to always keep handkerchief very clean. Furthermore, at this nursery school we ask kids to keep each and every part of the body clean and tidy. 

Philosophy: People and the staff at the Bachhpan Play School believe that every child is unique and perfect. Age 0 to 6 is the critical period of our kid’s lives due to the overhaul growth and development of the kid. The teachers, students, good environment, energetic management happens during this period. Children is exposed to the individual, time and the attention to explore new concepts.

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