Kreations Spas And Salons In Bangalore

Kreations Spas And Salons In Bangalore

Beauty is not the domain of women; it is also the domain of men. People have become consciousness of beauty, and we at Kreations Beauty Salon offer various services under one roof like skin care, healthcare, foot care, pedicures, manicures, aromatherapy and others in and around Bangalore. 

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Customer care is the primary priority of Kreations Beauty Salon. We offer the finest and precise treatment using the approved sterilization, creating a good environment for the therapist and the client. 


The Kreations Beauty Salon is one of the finest beauty salon located in Bangalore. Some of the services offered by the Kreations Beauty Salon are provided below as follows:

Stress Eradicator: The Kreations Beauty Salon is the best salon available and ideal for the urban class of people. Managing the house and office is said to be a very daunting task. It leads to stress, and one of the greatest benefits of the salon will be the pampering which you receive. You can relax with your feet up, and let someone tickle your toes and massage the legs. You will get tremendous benefits from the water, heat and pressures. 

Products: Some beauty salons offer for sale certain line of products, which is not available in the local stores and other beauty stores. Most of the people in Kreations Beauty Salon order the product in bulk and have a reasonable price tag.

Superior Massage Therapy: Various types of massages are available and you can select the type of massage like the entire body massage, and leg massage. A good body massage can reduce the tension and rejuvenate your body. A powerful leg massage can make you feel very special. 

Nail Enhancement Therapy: Kreations Beauty Salon offers the nail enhancement therapy, along with the nail extensions to fulfill the desire of the people who like to have long nails. It is a runaway hit with the women folk, who like to have long nails and pamper their male counterparts. 

Tanning Solutions: At Kreations Beauty Salon, proper tanning solutions are the need of the hour. Some of the services like the Mediterranean beach tan, Organic dark tan, Airbrush spray tan, and others. Our solutions are customized to handle various skin types and our staff is fantastic.

Neat and Inviting Atmosphere: We have got a very user friendly environment, good lightning facility and well cleaned floors. There are mirrors with well equipped soft music, well decked towel racks and elegant display cabinets to make you feel good. 

Anti Ageing Tips: We at Kreations Beauty Salon believe in making sure that the customers are young and trim. Our aging solutions are second to none. People come to our salon to feel young and trendy, and pamper themselves in front of their friends, relatives and others.

Customized Services: We provide service to married and unmarried women, male and female executives, teenage girls and boys, male and female senior citizens in looking bold and beautiful. Here the treatment offered by Kreations Beauty Salon will not only affect the way you look, but also helps to gain self confidence towards the life.

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