Aaryans Spa & Salon in Bangalore

Aaryans Spa & Salon in Bangalore

Spa and Saloon in Bangalore is creating ripples in the mind and hearts of youngsters in and around Bangalore. Various spa and saloon is present in Bangalore, but Aaryan’s Spa and Saloon is the one that is always hogging the limelight. Aaryan’s Spa and Saloon is a state of the art destination for women and men to pamper themselves and impress their life partners. It is an artistic creation of Mr. Suresh, who with his brush of imagination created this spa and is located in picturesque location of Marathahalli in Bangalore.

Aaryan’s Spa and Saloon is the most happening thing in Bangalore and some of the eye catching services offered by the Aaryan’s Spa and Saloon are offered below as follows:

HAIRCUTS: Aaryan’s Spa and Saloon is the most happening thing in Bangalore and haircut services offered by our saloon is greater than Picasso’s work. We undertake the hair trimming for our esteemed clients. Some of the sparkling hair cut services offered are:

Pixie Dreams: You can go super short and sweet with the amazing pixie dreams done by Aaryan’s Spa and Saloon. We use the Kevin Murphy undressed to create a loose, natural look on your Christine face. After adding a vintage scarf one can have a bold look.

Beveled Bob: Aaryan’s Spa and Saloon is offering beveled bob cut for females with best faces. This kind of cut will apply on the medium and large face and is a runaway hit.

COLOUR TREATMENT: Colour is an integral component of the hair of male or female. Furthermore, female will have more variations in their hair colour compared to males. Some of the kinds of colour consists of Total Colour, Natural light, Low, light, Highlight and lowlight colours, Six-foil wonder, High glossy colour to look stunningly gorgeous in get-together and parties.

BODY MASSAGE: Aaryan’s Spa and Saloon is offering body massage to parts of the body like the shoulder, legs, hands, feet, back and the neck as well. There are approximately 30 minutes of normal service and the 60 minutes of the express services. Most of the time, the massage therapist would like to concentrate on one area, so one can enjoy the benefits of body massaging in and around Bangalore.

Makeups: Aaryan’s Spa and Saloon is consisting of Bridal Makeover, where in bride is decorated with beauty creams like Nivea. Facials are offered for neck, face and other parts to cool skin, and relax. It I ideal for all ages in and around Bangalore.

Hair Removals: Aaryan’s Spa and Saloon provides the removal of hair from various parts of the body like under arm, upper and lower part of the legs, hands, full legs, Thigh and other form of hair removals.

Body Treatments: We offer various treatments like the Detox used in order to smoothen and tone your skin with the essential oils. Polish used in order to polish the skin with the salt, essential oils and enzymes. We use a cream massage on the body to warm up skin and provide a natural glow. We also have spray tanning consisting of vitamins and antitoxic tanning systems to nourish your skin, giving you that perfect glow all day long. 

Stay beautiful by logging on to http://www.aaryansspa.com to know about beauty.


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