Ekaakshara Pre School and Day Care in Bangalore

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Preschool is the place where the kids gets the basic education before going to the school for complete education. Cost of living in Bangalore is said to be very high and hence one cannot afford to send their wards to the schools. Due to this reason, Ms Srividya decided to take the challenge of providing good quality education to kids in and around Bangalore. She set up the Ekaakshara Pre-School and Day Care with her likeminded partners to offer quality pre-school and nursery education to all the people in Bangalore. Ekaakshara Pre-School and Day Care is one of the finest preschool established in Vidyaranyapura, in Bangalore.

Ekaakshara Pre-School and Day Care is the best preschool and the day care center located in Vidyaranyapura, in Bangalore. Services offered by the Ekaakshara Pre-School and Day Care are:

Quality Education: Ekaakshara Pre-School and Day Care believes in offering quality education to people living in and around Bangalore. Education is a major component for a boy or a girl and we believe in playing a pivotal role in improving the personality and hidden talent of the kids. We have the crèche facility for the tiny tots in and around Bangalore.

Superior Types of Furniture’s: Ekaakshara Pre-School and Day Care is the finest school well equipped in providing quality education to the rising citizens of tomorrow. Some of the furniture’s like the table, chairs, blackboards, dusters, bean bags, carpets, toys and others. Tiny tots love to explore various things and learn through their senses in and around Bangalore. Bean bags lets the children to be very athletic and they can jump on to a soft surface. Most of the studies shows that bean bag helps the kids at Ekaakshara Pre-School and Day Care to offer the pressure therapy for the autistic children. Most of the bean bag offers learning and reading. Kids can have maximum comfort on a bean bag furniture and prepare their mind and body to learn new concepts. 

Healthy Development of Kids: Kids learning at Ekaakshara Pre-School and Day Care encourages the kids to write and speak to express their feelings. Some preschools in and around Bangalore focus on developing the imagination of the kids, where as some improve the logical and mathematical reasoning of the kids. We believe in maintaining a good balance between the theoretical aspect and the practical aspect of the brains in and around Bangalore. 

Excursions: Kids at Ekaakshara Pre-School and Day Care is not only offered classroom training, we believe in taking the kids to the nearly parks, malls, resorts, vegetable markets, bakeries, and places of recreation to make the children feel mentally and physically good. We do not encourage parents to bring gifts and eatables to the kids at our school, our catering staff will give the food to the kids.

Parent Teacher Meetings: Ekaakshara Pre-School and Day Care believes in arranging the meeting with their parents to know their ward’s progress.Furthermore, our trained and dedicated Montessori teachers, gives vital output to the parents of the children to hone their skills, teaching good toilet habits, pray to god and be independent.

Please log on to http://www.ekaaksharapre-school.com to know more about the day care education in and around Bangalore.

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