Al Madina Caterers in Bangalore | Catering services in Bangalore

Al Madina Caterers in Bangalore Catering services in Bangalore

Catering services in Bangalore is on a high. Al-Madina Caterers is the number one catering service provider to satisfy your taste buds. Founded in the year 1975, by Muhammed Saifullah Khalid has valuable experience of approximately 38 years in this segment. The people working here have good experience working in five star hotels and specialized in their tasks. It began to target the food loving customers in and around Bangalore. The growth of Al-Madina Caterers is nothing less than a wow story. From a small place, where they use to cater the food for 10 customers, it has growth to accommodate wedding receptions consisting of approx 6000 visitors. We are forever indebted to them.

Al-Madina Caterers has made its mark in the catering segment and has a perfect blend of food and style. Our staff is very dedicated and likes to leave a permanent impression in the minds and hearts of the people. Our company has got absolute confidence in offering superb and inventive food, with good service to create a seamless match in Bangalore and rest of India. Some of the services of the Al-Madina Caterers are given below as follows:

First Birthday of the Baby: Children’s are the creation of god and small functions are organized to celebrate their first year, based on the constellation which falls on the religious Indian calendar. The child is given the cooked rice with prasadam, added with sugar. Most people like to have vegetarian dish at this juncture, we at Al-Madina Caterers make sure that excellent team of cooks are available to make the vegetarian delicacy.

Religious Functions: Al-Madina Caterers provides all the assistance in functions like the Marriage, Indoor and Outdoor wedding decorations, farm house decorations, flower and balloon decorations, mantap decoration, house warming ceremony, upanayana ceremony, birthday, anniversaries, and other events in a systematic manner.

Corporate Catering: We undertake the catering of IT, BT, and non IT companies by offering them good packages. Al-Madina Caterers is the leaders in catering with a good commitment to offer quality catering services to our customers. We offer a spectacular variety of the taste and the nutrition menus for the lunch, breakfast, dinner, conference snacks to the clients. We also help the companies in catering to the events like the food festivals, annual days, foundation days, Get-togethers, conferences, seminars and host of other events. 

Taking Home Orders: This refers to the process of delivering the food to the house of the customers. When order is received, we stock the meals and reheat them before sending to the customers. We offer the options in the field of small menus, finger food and meals. It is a hit among bachelors, students and marketing executives in Bangalore. People of this class, love to make Al-Madina Caterers as a part of their contact books.

Our Packages: Al-Madina Caterers always protects the interest of the customers and some of the packages are: 
1. Classic Package 
2. Star Package 
3. Star Supreme Class Package 
4. Star Royal Class Packages

All packages consists of welcome drinks, main course, desert and essentials like soft drinks, fruit counter, pan, sugar candy, ice-cream, chocolate, mineral water, tea and coffee counters. Log on to to know more about the catering services.

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