B Zone Mag Wheel in Bangalore | Wheel dealers in Bangalore

B Zone Mag Wheel in Bangalore | Wheel dealers in Bangalore

Wheel dealers in Bangalore is minting lot of money due to rise in customers willing to possess cars. People in Bangalore love to posses 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers and owning a vehicle is the matter of pride for the Bangaloreans. Bzone Mag Wheel Services was solely set up to serve the customers on a daily basis. India tops the world ranking in consumption of 2 wheelers and interestingly, the automobile industry is growing at whopping 16%, which is a good sign. Bzone Mag Wheel Services is gaining momentum due to the Make In India scheme done by Mr. Narendra Modi.

The Bzone Mag Wheel Services is established to offer quality services to the people in Bangalore. Some of the services offered by the Bzone Mag Wheel Services are given below as follows:

Wheel Alignment: We, at the Bzone Mag Wheel Services believe in the process of aligment of the wheel in a proper manner. Wheel alignment differs from manufacturers to manufactures and each and every car will have different specifications. Alloy Wheel Repairs: Bzone Mag Wheel Services believes in providing services regarding the repair of alloy wheels. The alloy wheels are the integral part of any four wheelers and require special care and attention.

Puncture Repairs: At Bzone Mag Wheel Services many vehicles, including the two wheelers, and the four wheeler do come in for check up, and testing the blow on the tyres. We undertake all kinds of the repairs regarding the puncture of the cars or bikes and provide skillful service to assist the customers and resolve the issues.

Resale of New Tyres And Runflat Tyres: We at Bzone Mag Wheel Services undertake the reselling of the runflat tyres and the new tyres like JK Tyres, MRF, Apollo, MIchellin, Goodyear, Nexen, Nokian, Titan and host of other companies.

Widening: Depending on the size of the mag, we at Bzone Mag Wheel Services can go ahead and widen the wheels of cars and the bikes. This deals with the bike and the car wheels. Furthermore, we can also add the band to the original wheel. We send the wheels, which are widened for the pressure testing and check the wheels, to ensure that there is no porous in the aluminium wheels.

Polishing: At the Bzone Mag Wheel Services, proper polishing take place for the vehicle to provide a good finish, appealing to the eyes. The result is outstanding and people come in large number to undertake the polishing of their vehicles.

Wonderful Customer Services: We provide quality customer service to our people relating to the tyres and alloy tyres. We plan to have more retail outlets in the coming years to provide a good understanding of market situations and range of the Alloy and Tyre industry in India. We would love to offer a complete range of web services, dedicated to the alloy wheels, using our channel partners for speedy delivery.

We love and listen to our customers, and create a business model ideal for customer support and feedback. Please log on to www. Bzone Mag Wheel Services.com to know about our services.


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