Colonels Dental Spa in Bangalore

Colonels Dental Spa in Bangalore

Dental Clinics in Bangalore has grown by miles. Teeth is the integral part of our body. The smile of an individual is incomplete without proper teeth. The mission of taking the teeth replacement and repair encouraged the founder Col M.C. Sharma, who worked in the Army Dental Corp for approx 25 years. He has earned accolades for his clinical shrewdness and professionalism. He is very good in resolving the dental queries, takes down minutest of the details. He wrote a book known as “Compendium on the Dental Health” is the ultimate proof of his ability.

Experienced Staff: Colonel’s Dental Spa is established to offer various services under one roof. We are armed with trained employees, offering all services under the sun.

Sensitivity: It is a common dental problem and arises because of various reasons like receding gums, tooth brushing and grinding. It develops between the age group of 10 years to 90 years.

Dedicated Customer Support: We have a good customer support base offering various personalized services to our customers. Please call us at 9483500001 and 9900194592 for assistance.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Process of giving good outlook to your teeth is known as Cosmetic Dentistry. We offer good range of cosmetic services to suit your face. Each and every face has a special structure. It is a runaway hit among women and men folks. It prevents harm to gums, teeth and joints. Colonel’s Dental Spa understands the situation of the patient and offer wide ranges of dental treatment bring back the smile.

Orthodontics: We at Colonel’s Dental Spa offer good treatment to line up the teeth correctly and make it parallel to each other. The teeth alignment can be done with the help of braces and gives beauty to the teeth.

Root Canal Treatment: Colonel’s Dental Spa offers the treatment for the tooth pain, involving cleaning of the tooth and remove infection causing the pain. The cleaned teeth is protected from infection by inserting a solution and fill them with metal caps/fiber caps. Bacteria, emerging from the food will enter the hollow space causing bad odour. It goes from that place to the nerves of the person and causes lot of pain. We remove infected blood vessels, nerves and tissues from the tooth and do the filling to make teeth look natural.

Dental Braces: It is done to align the protruding teeth, which destroys the beauty of the face. Mostly, the tooth is crooked, and crowded, because the jaw is not properly aligned. It is ideal for children and the youngsters. There are metal and lingual braces to bring the teeth to normal. 

Whitening of teeth: There are two types of teeth whitening namely, the teeth bleaching and the zoom whitening. It is ideal for patients, who experience less sensitivity and results are fast. Continuous consumption of colas, tea, coffee, red wine leads to discolouring of the teeth.



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