N.M Interiors in Bangalore | Interior design in bangalore

N.M Interiors in Bangalore | Interior design in bangalore

Home Interior Designers in Bangalore

Interior designers in Bangalore are the major service providers in designing the interior and exterior of the houses in and around Bangalore. N. Yousuf Ahmed is the owner of N.M. Interiors are good in offering colorful designs under one roof. It is located in K. G. Halli in Bangalore. We work to make sure that 100% satisfaction is met and yield fantastic results. 

SERVICES OF N.M. INTERIORS: N.M. Interiors is the major interior design service provider and services are given below as follows:

Furniture Works: N.M. Interiors is the major agency set up to repair and redesigns of various furniture’s like Dewan, Tea-tables, Bed, Cots, Study tables, Dressing tables, kitchen cabinets, Dining tables, King Size Bed, Queen Size Bed, Coffee tables, Sofas, Cots, Wardrobe and Dining Cabinets. We are committed in offering the best craftsmanship in and around Bangalore.

POP Services: We at N.M. Interiors offer the POP ceiling design services to customers in and around Bangalore. It is reliable and given to clients as per their requirements. We also provide false ceiling services, Residential POP contractor service, False Ceiling Design Services, POP Ceiling work, Gypsum and POP Designer Ceiling Work to our customers in and around Bangalore.

Painting and Colors: Colour is the vital component of any interior designing and has human emotions embedded on to it. Bright lights like red, blue, green, energizes the environment and average lights like white, peach, yellow, pink will build a tranquil atmosphere. N.M. Interiors are experts in painting works and have dealers like Asian paints, Nerolac Pains, Berger Paints and interestingly, these paints are approx. 70% faster than the traditional paintings. Our recognized tools provide smooth finish with higher efficiency for your homes.

Planning And Designing: N.M. Interiors work closely with our architectural,engineering and painting team, electrical engineers and planning consultants in and around Bangalore to do effective designing, planning of furniture layouts/sketches and the images, along with 3-D plans to analyze and make your choice. Construction cost and cost of designing do compliment with each other.

Textures: N.M. Interiors gives importance to the texture that provide depth to the dull space. It is divided into two parts like the Visual Texture and the Actual Texture. In actual texture the texture can be seen and felt like rugs, cushion, bedspreads, sofas, cots and others. Visual texture can be seen like the color and horizontal, vertical and symmetrical lines.

Renovation of the Homes: The quality of the interior space is influenced by the nature of the walls, floors, ceilings, in and around Bangalore. Nature of the ceiling could be low, high, domed, slanted, coffered or beamed depending on size of the house. We undertake filling of the cracks, painting the walls, effective polishing of the furniture’s. Indian houses are well known for excellent motifs and ranges from roaring lions, flying pigeons, dancing peacocks, standing tigers, natural sceneries, bull fight, snake dance and others. Furniture add the beauty to the house. We also offer embroidered designs to uplift your house during the festivals and other important events in and around Bangalore. 

Most of the craftsperson will work with the interior designers to make finest furniture’s. Modifying the house with the help of the tiny marble tiles and the medallion that comes in one piece, actually mounted on the mesh backing consisting of colors and sizes. Mirrors of various sizes will reflect your behavior and the moods. Gujarat and Punjab has various designs in mirror works and we use their styles in our work.

Cool Lights: N.M. Interiors helps to offer quality lighting to increase the beauty of the house in and around Bangalore. We have accent lighting, ambient, decorative lighting. Right lightning with the right placement can make a small space look bold and beautiful.

Please log on to http://www.nminteriors.in to know more about the interior designers in Bangalore.

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