Orian Estates in Bangalore | Real Estates in Bangalore

Orian Estates in Bangalore | Real Estates in Bangalore

Real Estate in Bangalore is the cynosure of every person. Gone are the days when one used to get the site for reasonable amount and construct lavish houses. Now a days, getting the land and the house is said to be a challenging task. At this juncture the Orian Estates come into the picture. It is the maverick creation of Mr. Sachin Choudhury, who wanted to offer good projects at reasonable price, appealing to the mind and heart of every bangaloreans. We are equipped and approximately having 15 years of experience, in developing real estate, marketing, consulting, sales in and around Bangalore. It is located in Jayanagar 9th Block. Our business consist of quality, respect, judiciousness and pride.

Orian Estates is very good in offering professional and personalized services to various clients in and around Bangalore. Some of the finest services offered by the Orian Estates are as follows:

Office and Commercial Services: Orian Estates is having in-depth marketing information, industry and research oriented experiences. Our real estate agents love to analyze various business proposals before giving it to the customers. There are various commercial buildings with quality layouts, infrastructure and superior quality constructions. Most of the office space in and around Bangalore will have centralized and non-centralized A/c. Some of the office spaces will have the rental and the leased buildings. We also offer house agreement to any party taking up the commercial office space. Furthermore, they will pay the electricity, car parking charges, rentals, maintenance charges and other miscellaneous charges. Serviced office space is available for new business establishments, companies, for the people willing to work near the house, international companies wanting to feel the pulse of Indian market. 

Land Developers: Orian Estates are champions in developing unused land areas in and around Bangalore. Most of them survey the unused land areas, talk to owners, negotiate and grab the land areas construct flats, row houses, Dupleix and others. We attract those customers naturally conscious of securing investment with a builder, whom they can trust. Orian Estates gives top most importance to location and the price bargains before giving the land to the prospective customers. We have legal team to solve legal issues in and around Bangalore. 

Retail Services: Orian Estates are good in offering leasing of the malls and shopping centers in and around Bangalore. A mall is a unique combination of various shops and are good in offering the retail space for rentals and leased services in and around Bangalore. 

Residential Services: Orian Estates is good in hunting good houses in and around Bangalore. We have an excellent track record and take help from various parties to make correct decisions. We offer flats, houses, serviced apartments on a leased basis in and around Bangalore. We negotiate, analyze, manage and orientate with the asset to obtain the wow of the customer.

Industrial/ Warehouse Leasing: Orian Estates are equipped in offering leased services for industries, warehouses to various parties. Most of the parties are not financially strong, hence we offer tailored option to customers, requiring various commercial spaces to suit the requirements.

Managing Rental Property: Orian Estates appoints property manager, well versed in real estate segment to improve the investments. This person can take legal and non-legal decisions regarding the leasing of the asset and help the client to concentrate on their line of business.

Please log on to http://www.orianestates.com to know about the real estates in Bangalore.

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