Raj Interiors in Bangalore | Interior designing in Bangalore

Raj Interiors in Bangalore | Interior designing in Bangalore

Interior Designers in Bangalore: Citymate-9985099850

Interior designers in Bangalore is the need of the hour and many interior design institutes has been established to share their creative through the experience, education, qualification as well. Most of the professional designers can do research and resolve issues leading to a safe, healthy and comfortable environment. Raj Kumar Sharma is the creator or Raj Interiors, and are designed to suit the requirement of each and every client in and around Bangalore. We are the best interior designers available in Bangalore and challenge the traditional way of thinking. We have got a new dimension to the concept of the interior designing. 

Raj Interiors is the major service provider in the interior design segment and some of the services are given below as follows:

Residential Projects: Raj Interiors is good in offering a good interiors for the house, good in interior designing, design concepts and making good layouts in and around Bangalore. We are good in providing furniture designs, design for the walls, design for terrace, and other details. We are good in designing the flats, independent houses, Duplex, row houses, apartments and other residential projects in and around Bangalore. We are good in designing the interiors of bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen interiors as well. Bedroom is the place, where after a long day of hard-work, where the occupants would love to spend their time. Our kitchen furniture’s are designed for contemporary and traditional purposes. We specialize in making the wooden kitchen, Aluminium Kitchen, High Class Modular Kitchen, Wardrobe Shutters, and excellent Glassworks as well.

Commercial Projects: Raj Interiors is good in undertaking the design of various commercial projects like the malls, shopping complexes, wine bars, hotels, restaurants, cock tail bars, music and disco stations etc. Our initiative in the commercial projects are so good that it encourages the people to unwind and relax. We provide best commercial design facility to design the interiors of various rooms, cubical, office cabins, and the partition cabins in and around Bangalore. 

Organizing Office Spaces: Raj Interiors is the major agency used in designing good office space in and around Bangalore. We have clever strategies and good organizational skills that helps us to declutter your space. We allot and provide separate spaces for computers, faxes, printers, cabinets for files, manager’s cabin, executive’s cabin, reception area and make sure that the design is matching your office.

Consultancy Services: Raj Interiors is good in understanding the client’s requirements and most of the designs are very fashionable. We give valuable consultancy in the field of facade exterior, bedroom interior decorations, dining interior designs, drawing room interiors, kitchen interior designs, design of the mandir and the home theaters as well.

Complete Turnkey Solutions: Raj Interiors are good in carrying out the design and implementation of turnkey projects in and around Bangalore. We will create the team to suit your expectations, clear estimates, and execute the designs to suit your needs. We undertake walkthrough of the design and offer the 3D visualizations.

Renovations: Raj Interiors are good in remodeling of old buildings and installations. It can be done in two forms, if customers want to have the same design and change decorations, we will inspect it and make relevant changes. If the customer want to change the interiors, will be done like new installations.

Please log on to http://www.rajinteriors.co.in to know about the interior designers in Bangalore.


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