Suvarna Group in Bangalore | Residential Water Proofing Contractors in Bangalore

Suvarna Group in Bangalore | Residential Water Proofing Contractors in Bangalore

Water proofing services in Bangalore is making presence felt. The growth and development of many cities has lead to the rise of huge structures. Rise of huge structures like malls, buildings, business establishments, houses, flats, apartments, Dupleix and host of other buildings indirectly meant that the roof of these buildings must be strong enough to withstand any changes in the climate. At this juncture the rise and development of the water proofing experts came into the picture. Suvarna group is the ultimate distributor, manufacturer and the exporter of premium quality paints and waterproofing coatings for the interior and exterior surfaces. 

Suvarna group is the champion is offering quality water proofing services. We have two offices in Abbigere and Peenya. Some of the services offered by the Suvarna group of companies are given below:

Eradication of Wetness: Bangalore has many buildings which are wet and leaking 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. If left untreated, it can lead to many problems like circulatory problems, respiratory problems, skin irritation, eye problems, immune systems, fatigue and nasal problems. Most of the infections do not occur in healthy people. It occurs in very young and very old people. Suvarna group provides the solution in eradication of the wetness. The mold cannot be seen, as it might be behind the walls or below the floor.

Roof Protection: In a huge buildings or the structure, made with metal, concrete, stucco or wood, there is a protective paint to prevent the leak and water clogging. The roof has lot of solar radiation, wind, rain, sleet, hails, etc. Suvarna group offers high quality protective roof coating, which can stand up to the harsh climates. We can be reached at 9448322350 and 080-32569312. 

Water Tank Waterproofing: There are many tanks of various size and shapes to reduce the overload on the buildings. Most of the tanks do not meet the standard expectations set by the government. It is difficult to do repairs, most of the potable water tanks are above the ground and easily accessible. Waterproofing in done inside the concrete and will not get damaged/destroyed with the changes in time. Hydrophobic waterproofing solutions ensure the safety of water, and make it safe for drinking purposes. Suvarna group waterproofing services increases the life of the tank and avoid the repairs.

Pressure Grouting: The process of injecting the fluid into fractures and cavities in the structures is known as pressure grouting. Problems like the leakage, vibrations, water cut off, in the new construction can be eradicated using cements.

Save Money and Reduce Cost: Suvarna group offers quality services to avoid the leaks, protection from ultra violet sun rays, low electric bills, sealing and waterproofing services. They are champions in offering good services under one roof. 

Epoxy Treatment: There are various marbles, with non solid surface, cracks and broken holes, tiny pores and the poor workmanship. This treatment protects the buildings from wear and patch, makes it long and durable, protects from chemical and physical degradation, and improves the aesthetic value of the buildings. Please log on to to know more about the waterproofing services.


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