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Foto India in Bangalore
 Digital Studio in Bangalore

Photography in Bangalore is catching eye balls. Indians are crazy behind various cultural and sports events. The functions would consist of the birth of the child, marriage, naming ceremony of the child, upanayana, and house warming ceremony, festivals like Onam, Baisakhi, Dhanteras and other festivals. We undertake presentations, corporate videos, wedding photography, still photography, spot mixing videos, event management photos, and making of albums.

Foto India Video Spot Mixing is one of the pioneering agencies in providing quality services in the field of photography and videography. We have the perfect blend of videos and photos to offer to our customers in Bangalore. We offer our valuable services in the field of domestic and corporate functions. Some of the service offered by the Foto India Video Spot Mixing consists of:

Portrait Photography: We at Foto India Video Spot Mixing deals with the portrait of a person, his personality, expression, background, context, colour and others.

Children’s Photography : At Foto India Video Spot Mixing, we are providing the photograph of the kids, document the joys and their sweet moments. We create wonderful images of your kids.

Wedding Photography: The wedding is the important event in any one’s life. There are many wonderful events associated with the wedding like dance and musics. People love to capture this important event and cherish them forever.

Product Photography: The process of creating wonderful pictures of the product and marketing them effectively is known as the product photography. We offer the best photographs with the finest photography equipment to get good photos.

Albums: It is a book consisting of thick pages, and rich images organized in a logical fashion by professional photographers, to preserve it forever.

Wildlife Photography: Foto India Video Spot Mixing provides decades of experience in the field of wildlife photography. Various photos of trees, snakes, wild animals are taken here.

Beauty and Fashion Photography: We create spectacular videos of wild life and deliver it to our clients. Furthermore, we also create wonderful photo of the models, actors, actress, musicians and celebrities.

Event Photography: Foto India Video Spot Mixing is one of the pioneering agencies in the field of event photography in Bangalore. Some of the events like concert, shows, conventions, festivals like Holi, Diwali, Dhanteras, Baisakhi, Pongal, Dussehra and others. Some competitions like the Rangoli, Sports Day, Academic competitions, Spelling competitions, Mind Odessey, Science competitions, Comedy shows, Painting competitions, Quiz events and others.

Spot Video Mixing : We, at Foto India Video Spot Mixing is able to undertake effective spot mixing video services for our customers. Furthermore, we have appointed dedicated spot video mixers to carry out the assigned task with extreme finesse. They do the job with utmost excellence, for our clients and give the best output.

Video Photography: Process of recording the images with the video is known as videography. We are offering quality videography and tripod to assist the customers, in filming the events. Video production can differ in the size and content. They capture marriage functions, birthday parties and other important events.

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