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Geek Technologies in Bangalore | Local Search Engine | Business Search Engine | Advertisement | India |
Technologies in Bangalore

Bangalore has transformed from being a garden city to the IT city. Due to the increase in the demand of software professionals and developers, it has led to the rise of many computer institutes in and around Bangalore. This encouraged Mr. Sanjay A.A, having armed with approx. 10 plus years of experience in the field of Information Technology to set up the Geek Technologies. The main purpose of establishment of this computer institute is to provide quality education to each and every person in the exciting field of IT. The main theme used by the Geek Technology would be ‘Training for Excellence’.

The Geek Technologies has been established in order to provide good quality education in the field of computers. Some of the established services of the Geek Technologies are given below as follows:

Web Application Development: Most of the people in Geek Technologies has undergone proper training in the field of Web Application Development. Each and every client has got a different demand compared to other, and the structure of the web application also changes considerably. We are champions in offering website application development across various technological platforms. Most of the range of the technologies used to develop the web application would consist of HTML5, CSS3, PHP, ASP, NET, MY SQL and other services.

Training In Software: Proper knowledge in the field of software is said to be vital to understand and fulfill your goals. We offer training and educational courses to suit yourselves. Furthermore, we also have various training courses, couple with the yoga and personality development to reduce the stress, taking place in the IT industries. 

Career Guidance: Geek Technologies are proud to offer good guidance courses in the field of choosing the right careers. We are interested in driving the people to achieve excellence in the field of software and application development. One can choose a career that fits your education, aptitude, interest, goals, growth and development. 

Software Development: We at the Geek Technologies aim to develop the software services to assist other companies to solve the problems of the organization. Most of the applications developed by Geek Technologies has led the companies to reduce the loss and gain brownie points towards profit. Grip on the cutting edge technologies helps to have a increased shelf life with zero maintenance. Most of the applications has got a very good structure, tested and implemented in a systematic and satisfactory manner. Our domain knowledge is the best and helps us to enhance the application in a systematic and satisfactory manner. We have the next generation applications to satisfy the desire of the present and the future establishments. 

To Understand Computer, Know Your Chips: People, who are training in the Geek Technologies have undergone rigorous training the field of computers and technical expertise on the computer related field. They have undergone classroom and online job training to achieve the excellence in the respective field. Most of the trainers have worked in software industries with approx more than 20 years of experience. Log on to to know more about computers and the chips.


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