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Solar in bangalore

Solar Product dealers in Bangalore is shining above the rest. There are many home appliances like washing machines, gas stove, cooker, geysers and host of others. It is difficult to select a proper home appliances company to fulfill our needs. We cannot make mistake, selecting a critical electrical instrument like a geyser, because a low quality geyser, can explode causing bodily injuries to the individual. Metro green solar geyser is the brain child of Mr. Shetty, providing quality services in offering good geysers in Bangalore. We are compliant with the ISO 9001: 2008, BIS standards in providing good services.

Metro Green Solar is equipped in offering good solutions to the clients in handling and maintaining small and large projects. The headquarters of this office is located in Delhi and has got branch in Kottigepalaya, in Bangalore. Some of the services of the Metro Green Solar are given below as follows:

Good Customer Service: Best customer service is offered by the Metro Green Solar and they offer new products and services to our customers in Bangalore. We are very conscious of our work and want to be leader in the field we are. Our dedicated customer service centre is established in Electronic City in Bangalore offering quality customer service. Our corporate office is in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Environmental Consciousness : We, at Metro Green Solar are very conscious of our environment and believe in reducing the pollution. Hence the role of solar geysers cannot be challenged at any point of time. We are against cutting of the trees and destruction of the lakes, because it can affect the rain fall in that area in the years to come.

Solar Water Heater: At the Metro Green Solar, we are aware that the energy is main motto, is to enhance the lifespan and efficiency of the solar geysers; we have the process of servicing the solar geyser at least for the period of three years. By using the hard water and the little quality of water, we can service the solar geysers in a more regular manner. We undertake some tasks like cleaning of the panels, maintaining the heat collectors, checking the valves for malfunction, checking geyser for leaks, preventing tanks from getting corroded.

Electric Geysers: These geysers are known to be very hazardous and cause health issues. They are made with brass and copper wires and come in various type and sizes. We control the voltage spikes, water leaks, pipe leaks and control the insulations. We also assist in the installation of the electric heaters.

Using The Latest Technology: Metro Green Solar uses the latest technology in making and servicing the solar heaters. We have assisted many companies like the IT, Manufacturing Segments, Houses, Travel agencies, Supermarkets, Research, Event management and others.

Checking the Connections: Metro Green Solar is good in checking pipe connections, wire connection in the solar geysers. We check the duct connections and seals of the solar geysers.

Roof Penetrations and Support Structures : At Metro Green Solar, we undertake sealing of the roof and we check the components, bolts and nuts, for the highest level of accuracy and toughness. You can log on to to know about solar geysers.


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