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Stainless Steel Rod Dealers in Bangalore

Stainless Steel Rod Dealers in Bangalore: 9985099850

stainless steel rod dealers in bangalore, steel rod dealers bangalore, steel rod suppliers in bangaloreConstruction of a good house is the dream of every one. The dream has come true because of Sreenidhi Agencies started by Mr. Sampath Kumar undertaking the supply of JSW Neo steel, TMT steel bars, AC Sheets and Cements. The steel is the major metal used in the world from making of vehicles to construction of buildings.

A good house needs items like steel rods, cements, concrete, insulation, asphalt, Decking, Framing, Metal Joist, I-beam, Metal fabrications, railings, gratings, roofing, decorative metal, wires, and cables. Sreenidhi Agencies are champions in providing all the above mentioned services without affecting your wallet. Services offered by the Sreenidhi Agencies are given below as follows:

Steel Rods: Sreenidhi Agencies are pioneers in selling steel rods, and some of the steel rods are like Stainless steel wire rod, Stainless steel S310 S round bars, Stainless Steel 316 Round Bar Rod, Stainless Steel 316L Round Bar Rod, Stainless Steel 310S Round Bar Rod, Stainless Steel 304 Round Bar Rods widely used in the construction business and we deliver them in a timely manner.

Cements: The major component used in the construction is the cement. There are two types of cements known as the Portland and Non Portland cements. Portland cement is the common type of cement promoted by Sreenidhi Agencies. Non Portland cement like the lime concrete is used in renovation of ancient buildings. Cracks in the lime concrete will heal by it and can be recycled to make lime bricks.

Calcium Aluminate Cements (CAC) is having lot of strength and avoids any chemical attack. It is mixed with the Portland cement to give strength to the structure under construction. Birla Cement, Ramco Cement to name a few of them.

AC Sheets: Popularly known as the Asbestos Cement Sheet and is an integral part of roof of the house in many countries. Originated and widely used in Australia, AC Sheet is a runaway hit in many nations due to its durability. The Asbestos sheets are made with ISI specifications and are fire and heat resistant. Furthermore, it is moth and vermin proof. AC Sheets are non corrosive, no shrinkage and do not have any cracks. Sreenidhi Agencies do undertake the selling of AC Sheets.

PRODUCTS THEY SELL : Sreenidhi Agencies sell products ideal for the construction of the house. They are the finest dealers in selling JSW Neo Steel, Indus Steel, TMT steel bars, Ramco and Arts and One.

Indus Steel: It is inexpensive and known for toughness and durability. Sreenidhi Agencies has Indus steel, the leading manufacturing unit of the TMT steel.

TMT Steel Bars: TMT (Thermo Mechanical Treated) steel is made to withstand the highest level of stress. Sreenidhi Agencies sell the TMT steel bars, which is runaway hit in marine area, earthquake zones, and hilly areas.

Ramco : Sreenidhi Agencies sell hot forge shop, CNC machines, Proof machining facility within the same location. We also assist light engineering industries, mining, hydraulics and others.

Sreenidhi Agencies has got healthy relationship with long term suppliers and provide quality services to our customers at affordable prices. We are also flexible to the ever changing customers demand and supply products to any corner of India. To know more about steel rods, please log on to

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