Tejas Digi Studio in Bangalore

Tejas Digi Studio in Bangalore

Photography in Bangalore is the center of all activities. Tejas Digi Studio is one stop solution regarding the Videography and Photography services. It is the baby of Mr. Ramesh Babu, a famous photographer and videographer, having approximately 30 plus years of experience in capturing and creating good photos to blow your mind. Tejas Digi Studio is well equipped in providing ultimate services during Marriage, Corporate events, Birth of a child, Wedding Anniversaries, Adventure camps, Exhibitions, Annual Day Celebrations, School day celebrations and others. At Tejas Digi Studio, we believe in blending creativity with skills to achieve the desired results. Photographers play a vital role in our life and they set the correct emotion for the correct event in a systematic manner. An individual can cherish the photos for the rest of his/her life and share it with the loved ones.

Social Gatherings: Man is a social animal and get-togethers are the order of the day. Events like the birth of a child, marriage, house warming ceremony, Shreematham ceremony, Engagement functions, carols, cultural events, anniversaries, festivities, get-togethers, kitty parties, gruhapravesham, and festivals like Holi, Pongal, Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Onam, Christmas, Ugadi, Bhai-Teej, Dhanteras, Lakshmi Pooja, family Pooja, Upanayanam, Krishna Janmastami, Rama Navami, and others.

Business Functions: Every person needs one service or another for survival and it has encouraged the growth and development of many business houses and establishments in our nation. When the business houses are established, there will be events like the Brand launches, Company launch, Anniversary of the company, Legal company takeovers, Conferences, Founders Day, Trade shows, Exhibitions, Commencement of New certifications and Accreditations, Training programs, Press releases, Corporate communications, Seminars, Creation of corporate movies, Event Management, Publishing of Catalogs, Business Journals and host of other services.

All the above mentioned events would look obsolete, if there is no photography or Videography. Tejas Digi Studio addresses this core issue and has got the dedicated team to handle the task with extreme finesse.

Booking at Tejas Digi Studio: Tejas Digi Studio believes in the concept of Customer is the king and hence request the customer to make the partial payment of the total price and the remaining can be paid at the time of delivery. We not only provide Photo Album for the event, but also the DVD for the same events to protect the interest of our customers. We accept the payment using the debit and the credit cards. We also take payment using the cash. We are experienced in putting the photo of your desired family member on T-shirts, Mugs, Keychains, Business and personal diaries and other services.

Pictures Say A Thousand Words: Tejas Digi Studio provides ultimate flash photography and carry approximately 4 networked flash units with the soft boxes and cranes for lighting. Due to this the photo looks beautiful and speaks thousand words. Our picture will be unique compared to the pictures of other photographers.

Wedding Ceremony Videography: Tejas Digi Studio uses the highest level of high definition videography and offer the finest video quality in and around Bangalore. We also have got the celebration video shoot to capture important events in our daily life. The quality of video done at Tejas Digi Studio is the finest and have the highest high definition Dolby sound and also known for the highest level of cinematography.


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