Tirumala Brick Works in Bangalore | Local Search Engine | Business Search Engine | Advertisement | India | Brick Works in Bangalore

Tirumala Brick Works in Bangalore | Local Search Engine | Business Search Engine | Advertisement | India |
Brick Works in Bangalore

Bricks are the major component relating to the construction of the houses. It is ideal for making houses, flats, apartments, condominiums, row houses, bungalows and other structures. Bangalore has approx 400 projects, running on a monthly basis and demand of bricks are said to be very high. Thirumala Brick Works is established in Indiranagar, near Bangalore to fulfill the demand of bricks in Bangalore.

Thirumala Brick Works is the most happening establishment set up in Bangalore to cater to the ever increasing demand of bricks. Some of the services of the Thirumala Brick Works are given below as follows:

BRICK MAKING: There are various kinds of bricks available like the concrete bricks, normal bricks, high end bricks, light weight bricks, light weight bricks, lime bricks, hollow bricks and others. They are made up with high grade raw materials available from the genuine sources. Most of the brick manufacturers, suppliers and the exporters are there in designing and developing the finest in the brick manufacturing segments. 

SPECIAL SHAPE REFRACTORY BRICKS: We have been giving primary concern to the satisfaction of the client and we manufacture and supply the special shape refractory bricks in and around Bangalore. Most of them are made by our skilled team of people using the finest technology. It is a vital component for making furnaces, rolling mills, boilers, forging units and most sought after in the market. The bricks are inspected by various persons, before the dispatch and checked for satisfaction of various parameters. The special shape refractory bricks are known for highest level of tolerance, superb resistance from the heat, providing accuracy and excellent service.

INTERLOCKED PAVEMENTS AND PAVERS : Thirumala Brick Works is growing at a slow and steady pace. Our vast team armed with the experience in construction segment help us to manufacture and supply the pavements and pavers to our clients in a systematic and satisfactory manner. We have the professionals, experienced and expert in cutting edge technology and offering good quality raw materials to make the pavement bricks and supply on a regular basis. The major customers would be the lawn owners and garden owners. Interestingly, the 100mm interlocking pavements is a runaway hit in schools, colleges, educational institutions, financial institutions, temples, churches, shrines, libraries, recreation centers, play homes, hospitals and other establishments.

BURNT CLAY BRICKS: The common clay bricks are established by pressing them against each other in a machine. Most of them are burnt, fired and dried under the sun. They are used in carrying out the general work with no external beauty in it. They are used in making the houses, flats, apartments, Dupleix and other structures in a systematic manner.

SAND LIME BRICKS : Thirumala Brick Works undertakes manufacture of making the sand lime bricks by mixing the sand, lime and the fly ashes in a logical manner. It is done with the procedure known as the wet mixing. These bricks are grey in colour compared to the normal red colour. The shape is very uniform and provides a smoother finish compared to others. They offer excellent strength compared to other format of the bricks. Log on to http://www.thirumalabrickworks.com to know more about brick industry.


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