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Sri Sathyanarayana Jyothishya Mandira in Bangalore | Local Search Engine | Business Search Engine Blog in Bangalore,India | Advertisement | Latest News | 

Computerised Astrologers in Bangalore: 9985099850

Astrologers in Bangalore is in great demand and there are events associated with the life and astrology is the guiding force. Astrology is one of the major branches of science, handling the movement of stars, sun and the moon. It also takes into account the movement of the celestial bodies, which have a terrible influence on the human beings and the world of nature. Mr. Pattabi Ram is the founder of the Sri Sathyanarayana Jyothishya Mandira. It is established in the vibrant locality of Bhovipalya in Bangalore.

Sri Sathyanarayana Jyothishya Mandira is one of the major astrological centers established in and around Bangalore to assist the people in knowing their stars. Some of the interesting services provided by the Sri Sathyanarayana Jyothishya Mandira are given below as follows:

Marriage Services: Marriage is not a new concept, it is an ancient concept, where two people marry and promise to take care of each other in front of the god. We offer quality astrological services to people in and around Bangalore, simply because they would like to know about their future. During the oldest time, the people used to follow the traditional techniques and examine your house to known about your life. The Vedic saying that men are from Mars and women folks are from Venus is quite true even to this day.

Family Related Issues: There are many family related issues, like the marriage, family problems, children’s issues, future of the children’s, timing of the marriage, money related issues, luck, job factors and related issues, advice and suggestions for having a good life.

Shani Dosham: Many people are said to be very particular about the curse of lord shani, and our astrologer services will provide ultimate solutions to problems regarding the health, wealth, career, business relationship, family related issues, foreign tours and travels, diseases, relationships and various troubles.

Calculations of the Rashi: Our astrological services are champions in the calculations of the zodiac signs. Many hindus in and around Bangalore, believe in the rashi phal and believing in worshipping their zodiac signs. Many people do switch on the television early in the morning to know about their day today. We offer good rashi dosham removal services and it is calculated based on the date of birth and differs from person to person, curious to know about the future.

Birth Stone: This is an amazing service undertaken by our astrological services for people living in and around Bangalore. It helps to give the ultimate solution in the field of love, marriage, finance, career, education, travel, child astro, buying and selling of the houses and the vehicles. Birthstone like Amethyst, Diamond, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Lapiz, Lazulli, Agate, Citrine, Tourmaline, Peridot, Moonstone, Ruby, Tiger eye and host of others.

Religious Ceremonies: We undertake various religious ceremonies and services like the Dewatha Prathista, Vigraha Prathista(Establishment of God’s), Upanayanam Ceremonies, Gruhapravesham, Naming ceremony of the baby, and others

Vaastu Ceremony: We offer quality Vaastu services for the construction of the residential and commercial establishments. There is residential Vaastu and commercial Vaastu available with us. We face lot of problems due to the wrong usage of Vaastu and provide solutions to overcome it. So, please log on to to know more about the astrologer services.


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