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Residential Cleaning And Office Services In Bangalore
Housekeeping Services in Bangalore is gaining importance due to the fact that people have less time for themselves. Many people love their house to be neat and clean and housekeeping is no easy task. Bangalore is mushrooming with the rise of corporate housekeeping and the facilities management as well. Rise of many flats coupled with many IT companies. We have established in the year 2000, by Mr. Srinivasappa. V, set up the Total Business Solutions near Mahadevapura, to offer the housekeeping services for the schools, houses, corporate offices, industries like the IT and non IT industries. Today the concept of housekeeping is gaining prominence and it is not just a task. Housekeeping is phenomenon which is easy to be done, but difficult to be mastered in and around Bangalore.

Total Business Solutions has completed sixteen years of establishment in Bangalore. Some of the services offered by the Total Business Solutions are given below as follows:

Daily Office Cleaning: Total Business Solutions believes in making your workplace a spectacular place to work. Furthermore, our area of work would consist of cleaning the external walls, internal walls, partitions, rest rooms, sick bays, server room maintenance, cubical, wall areas, and light areas, cleaning computer, printer, curtains and cafeterias.

Cleaning the Industries: We have a bunch of professional staff carrying out the cleaning of the industrial and the commercial establishments in Bangalore. Total Business Solutions take care of the warehouse dirt and industrial dirt’s and follow the relevant safety measures in disposing the dirt.

Washroom Cleaning: People using the washbasin is very high and hence can be a breeding ground for mosquitos and flies. Total Business Solutions cleans the washbasin using various chemicals and powders, and make sure all the dirt is removed. The urinals and toilet will also get sanitized to ensure there is no bacteria or germs.

Façade Cleaning Services: People working in Total Business Solutions make sure that there are sophisticated techniques involved in façade cleaning. Usually it is undertaken in places like Malls, Huge Hotels, Resorts, Five Star Hotels, Showrooms and the Jewelry houses.

Carpet Shampooing: This is done in order to clean the dust off the carpets. A shampoo is applied on the carpet and rinsed properly to make it neat and clean. Good quality liquid solution, is used to carry out cleaning of the upholstery, chairs and sofas and the carpets in Bangalore.

Security Services: People working in the Total Business Solutions are efficient in offering quality security to IT and non IT companies in and around Bangalore. We invest a lot in security to reduce the threat against the company and guard the company against the issues destroying the performance.

Residential Cleaning: The residential cleaning is the source of major income for the housekeeping companies in and around Bangalore. It involves cleaning the wooden and glass doors, windows and mirrors. Dusting all the furniture and horizontal surfaces, cleaning the telephone and lights, emptying the trash and recycling the garbage, removal of the marks on the floor, cleaning of the glass frames and the cabinets. Kitchen and bathroom can’t be ignored and involves cleaning of table and the chairs, Vacuum the carpet areas, cleaning the legs of the chairs, sofas, tables, damp mopping, cleaning and polishing the metal fixtures, floor wipers, table dusting and others.

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