Mavericks Event Center | Wedding Planning in banglore

Foxtail Catering and Events

Wow. Roll me home so I can take a nap please. My better sense was overwhelmed by the awesome food and I ate way too much (and I’m taking some home for dinner too)! Rhonda was an absolute pleasure to work

We had our wedding reception here February 2016 and could not be happier with the experience.  It was absolutely the perfect venue for our small-ish wedding (86 guests).  The venue is catered by the HMB brewing company–and the food was excellent.  We went with a buffet, and our guests kept on commenting about how delicious the food was.  The entire process was ridiculously easy.  Jodie King was our contact person throughout the process, as well as our day-of coordinator.  She’s very professional and responsive.  In the weeks leading up the the wedding, my husband and I emailed her constantly with questions and updates– she would respond often in an hour or less, on evenings and the weekend.  Our wedding went off with a hitch.  To be honest, I don’t think I spoke to Jodie once on our actual wedding day–I just spent time with my family and my guests, and she ran everything smoothly.  

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