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We love a good flower story, and so do our followers

Perhaps your favorite childhood memory is of being with grandma in the garden? Have a trick to keeping roses longer? Maybe you spent hours and hours planning out the perfect wedding bouquet for your personality? Tell us all about it!
                                                                   Story Ideas
   Just what is a flower story? Good question, here are a few suggestions:
• The story of a party or event you enhanced with flowers
• A flower memory from your childhood
• The story of choosing your wedding flowers
• What makes your favorite flower your favorite?
• A tour of your flower garden
• Share a crafty flower How-To!

Florists Can Share STories Too!

We love stories from florists too! Share your funny story about the shop cat, or maybe all about that beach wedding centerpiece.
• A flower shop story
• Memorable flower delivery
• Memorable event flower theme
• Favorite flower care tips
• Unique tip or trick to share with other florists
• Story about your time at a flower show or convention
We love your submissions each week, and we read every one. You will only be notified if your article has been accepted for publication on our site. If you have not heard from us in two months, please feel free to re-submit your story.

When to Send A Woman Flowers

Flowers have magical powers that can turn a woman’s day around in an instant. Many women though only receive this special, beautiful gift once a year, maybe twice if they are lucky!

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