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Tata Swach – purity guaranteed – at your fingertips!

A product from one of the most trusted business houses – the Tatas, meeting USEPA standards, the Tata Swach is the brainchild of several Tata companies like Tata Chemicals and TCS, who have put their ideas and technology in the making of this low cost, near-zero maintenance and user-friendly

About Tata Chemicals Ltd

Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL), established in 1939, is a global company with interests in chemicals, crop nutrition and consumer products. Tata Chemicals’ range of operations are clubbed as Living, Industrial and Farming Essentials, ie essentials for LIFE! A big part of its living essentials range of products is the food and water portfolio that includes Tata Swach.

Loved by india, awarded by world!

Tata Swach, the 1st water purifier to win global awards across categories. The innovative technology, simplicity of usage and the value for money that Tata Swach offers has been well appreciated across the globe. Tata Swach has been bestowed with internationally coveted awards in the following categories:
The Tata Swach Silver Nanotech Water Purifier – the most awarded water purifier in the world is, indeed, the smart choice for safe water. Smartness is getting the best quality at the best value!


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