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About Athletto

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Athletto is an initiative by alumni of IIM-Ahmedabad and NITIE who are really passionate about sports and want to bring about a change in the way people see and perceive playing sports. Our vision is a world where each and every human being is able to play the sport of their choice daily throughout the year. In order to bring about this change, it is important that we reach the masses. That reach is possible only through judicious use of technology. We are a bunch of sports loving people from IIT, IIM , NIT, NID, BITS and NIFT, who are serious about bringing a change to this ecosystem.
Athletto provides a cloud based common web platform, mobile application and customized dashboard for all the sports enthusiasts ranging from players, aficionados, professionals, coaches, sports academy managers, tournament organizers, etc. Athletto gives easy access to all kind of sports related services like Sports Infrastructure Booking, Coaching, Tournaments, etc. We want you to shift from pen and paper operations to a more sophisticated cloud based system, which can be managed from anywhere and from any device. Athletto is registered trademark of O Tree Solutions Private Limited.


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