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Known all over India as the brand that pioneered the concept of mineral water, bottled with its distinct green label,

today Bisleri is a household name.

Journey back into Bisleri’s history to catch a glimpse of the constant innovation, commitment to
quality, and focus on customer need, that have made Bisleri the benchmark for bottled water in India.

Here are the set of values that form the core of who we are:
What makes us the largest brand of mineral water in India is the QUALITY we have to offer. We
want every person to have access to clean and affordable drinking water. And what drives us
towards this goal is our PASSION to constantly move from “Consumer Satisfaction” to
“Consumer Delight”.

We believe that a good LEADER controls the overall growth of a team. From treating all team

members with dignity, recognising their strengths to constantly keeping them motivated.

To come up with the best work, CO-OPERATION, effective communication within all team

members and TRANSPARENCY in every action is required. Any success without INTEGRITY

is as good as failure.


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