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Natural Ice Cream

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Form Fruits to Flavours
The Factory
Since the art was discovered, artisan ice cream has traditionally been made using a hand churner. Famously known as India’s highest retailer in manufacturing artisan ice cream, Natural Ice Cream has now created history. We have combined traditional and contemporary methods of making ice cream at our 25,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art factory in Mumbai, equipped with special freezers and other storage units. The new factory has helped us double the production capacity.

The Laboratory
Every stage in the process of making Natural Ice Cream has an interesting story to tell – right from picking the fruit from the tree until the time you take a bite out of that wholesome scoop from your bowl. All stages of are imperative as they are all interlinked. Here at the laboratory, we conduct tests and research to create new flavours we think will tickle your taste buds.
Making ice cream the traditional way 
The best way to turn something into a great success is to use your knowledge about the one thing you are passionate about. The success story of Natural Ice Cream lies in the extensive knowledge of Mr. Kamath who created a revolution in frozen dessert in India. He used his expertise in fruit and the traditional process of making ice cream. Deep in tradition and true to our roots, Natural Ice Cream redefines the combination of traditional and modern creativity. 
About Us

What started out as a small store in Juhu, today, has become the definition of Mumbai’s delectable taste for desserts. A mixture of passion, creativity and determination is what it took to turn Natural Ice Cream into a success story. But like most successful businesses, success did not happen over night. The journey of R S. Kamath, founder of Natural Ice Cream, was long and accounts to a quarter of a century.

The journey started in his younger years, while assisting his father, a fruit dealer, when he got his expertise in fruits. Later on, while working with his brother who ran a chain of eateries and served ice cream, he learnt all about ice cream. This powerful combination lead to the creation of Natural Ice Cream. However, like most journeys, there are always hurdles to cross. One such hurdle was the equipment used to make the ice cream. Because of its manual use in nature, it became quite a task to increase the production capacity and keep up with the rising demand. So Mr R S. Kamath invented a machine that could produce more ice cream using the same method. In the process he also invented a machine that could de-seed fruits in a very short time.


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