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Addons Retail Pvt Ltd

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Addons Retail Pvt Ltd is a Mumbai, Maharashtra based company that provides Fashion Accessories to customers all over India. The company was incorporated in 1999 with the prime objective of creating value in Retail. 
      The company ventured into retailing of lifestyle products through reputed and popular international and national brands in Western India. After gaining expertise, experience and understanding the complexities of retail business ventured into creating its own chain of retail stores through its own retail concept Addons Women and Addons Men offering customers wide range of products in Fashion Accessories under one roof providing international shopping experience.

Brand Philosophy

Accessories are both trendy and part of a person’s style statement. They are fun to wear, and are often picked up spontaneously. It’s this product truth that the brand endeavours to capture. Addons encourages people to pick and wear accessories without giving it too much thought. It stands for doing things on a whim, because that’s how accessorizing works best.

Brand Communication

The product range by Addons is extremely varied. One finds everything from minimalist footwear to heavy necklaces. The brand’s communication should reflect this variety. It should embrace the diversity of the styles and categories offered by Addons. At the same time, there should be a degree of continuity that holds all the communication together. Addons’ target audience is every woman who has a strong and individualistic sense of style. They can belong to SEC A and B households in metros, mini-metros and B-towns.

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