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About us

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Arabian Gazette is your window to the Middle East and North Africa region that provides you with insightful news, features and analysis about matters related to business, economy, finance, society, technology and environment.

Arabian Gazette focuses on both young professionals and business executives from Middle East region and elsewhere who like to keep themselves abreast with the region’s developments by reading news, features and analysis written in a jargon-free, reader-friendly style. Our publication aims to become the regional leader in news and event information and document Middle Eastern affairs in a comprehensive and objective manner that informs, educates and entertains our audience.

Arabian Gazette is an independent media outlet which is strictly business and politically neutral and is not under the influence of any power or interest group. We aim to provide you news without any agenda and keep you up-to-date with our unbiased coverage about the region’s events and happenings, thanks to our team of professional and dedicated team of journalists, experts and writers.

Arabian Gazette also collaborates with local, regional and international organisations and forums to provide comprehensive media services and help maximise exposure on social media networks to generate massive awareness, buzz and publicity, the key elements to successful and productive events. We work closely with event organisers by helping establish face-to-face contact with consumers and increase the share of marketing pie that companies and organisations are keen to expand on.

Arabian Gazette enables marketers to execute effective marketing strategies and advertising campaigns that connects with their target customers.

ARABIAN GAZETTE: Advisory Board Members

Any start-up requires a good team of Advisory Board Members who provide objective analysis and guidance. Our Advisers are veterans from the writing world, and are there to provide us with their strategic input to help our venture grow.

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