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About Us 

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Chairman’s is developing and maintaining some of the beautiful resorts in North Bangalore; we offer great opportunities to spend your vacations in luxury establishments with an affectionate and hospitable club atmosphere at a truly affordable cost.Our personal service is something we take immense pride. With friendly and dedicated resort team, we are able to offer you a one-stop shop for the essential elements for your holiday. As one of the leading villa holiday specialists in Bangalore, we are able to offer highly competitive deals on our range of services.

For more than a decade, Chairman’s has led the way in the hospitality business while remaining true to the principles. Our persistent focus on novelty and action fuels the way we do business. Our pompous heritage and core morals drive our passion for distinction.
Welcome to the Chairman’s Family

We’ve been helping families enjoy affordable holidays since (year). Taking care of our members is a way of life that permeates every decision we make and every action we take. “Our aim is simple: When you leave chairman’s you will feel better than you arrived.”

Each day each of our colleagues do their utmost to look after our guests. Treating guests with respect like family. After all, we’re a family business and a family club. With Little wonder we win hearts, and attract the kind of staff who set a standard that’s the envy of many.

Graceful and Contemporary Accommodations

Chairman’s Resorts offer a choice of quality accommodation and a holiday cottage. Rooms combine a wide range of standards, traditional, executive and contemporary double bedrooms to choose from. Many bedrooms offer unparalleled views of lust green lawn and are equipped with latest technology amenities which offer maximum comfort for the transient business travellers, weekend getaways and mid-week breaks.

The clubhouse is the ideal location for a restful holidays and perfect base for our guests.
All our guesthouse are tinted and furnished, the style of the rooms are vibrant, modern and present a boutique feel.

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