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At home, we may think that we are well versed in electrical system/equipments. However, we would warn against negligence. Older homes might have compromised safety measures or outdated systems that are particularly unsafe to work on. Newer homes generally bring more sophisticated setups to cater to the greater power requirements of modern times which need regular maintenance.

Commercial locations often carry an higher risk level, as many commercial and industrial spaces are wired with higher voltage lines that run at heavier currents.

Further we are not in habit of carrying out preventive maintenance on electricals which is essential for avoiding damages/harmful to personnel’s due to short circuit caused by various reasons.

That’s why we like to offer our preventive maintenance services for electrical work. We have extensive training and experience with a number of different residential and commercial systems, and can troubleshoot, rewire, or build from scratch.

Tank / Sump Cleaning

It is extremely important that we clean our sump and water tank regularly to ensure we use hygienic water for our daily chores. Neglect in cleaning the water tank has led to fatal diseases like cholera and typhoid. The root cause in most cases is the fact that the sump and water tank not being cleaned.

It is advised strongly that every sump and overhead tank is cleaned at least once in three months to maintain the required hygiene standards.
Deep Cleaning
We V-Fix Team, a Professional Facility Management Company providing house cleaning services that specializes in cleaning for maintaining good health. Our deep cleaning system, products and extensive industry experience lets us make your house cleaner and healthier than ever before, providing a safer environment than any residential cleaning service. Deep Cleaning System, along with our cleaning teams, environmentally preferred products, state-of-the-art equipment and unique cleaning process provide customers an affordable line of unmatchable home cleaning services. This in depth cleaning will get your home ‘super’ clean.


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