Riya Kodali | Fashion Designers in Bangalore


Riya Kodali Fashion Designers in bangalore
Riya Kodali Fashion Designers in bangalore

About Us

Riya Kodali Design House is the brain child of Riya Kodali, a zealous, curious, highly motivated, flexible, persistent, hardworking, independent, sensible, honest, fun loving, obsessively creative, a go-getter, a born artist, a psychologist, an entrepreneur by profession who is excessively passionate about what she does.

Riya Kodali has the crafted her designer creations with a strong sense of colour. Her designs are based on the theme of the occasion and spirit of the season. Her repertoire includes designing for silver screen stars, affluent businessmen and families across the globe. She has also styled and designed for brides and bridegrooms all over the world, giving them something out-of-the-world for their big day

Riya Kodali also created waves and received immense appreciation for creating glamorous ensembles with Indian traditional colours, craftsmanship, textures and embroideries. Riya Kodali has taken Indian clothes to the international level and promoted Indian culture globally through extensive use of rich Indian fabrics, designs and embroidery.
Riya Kodali stands strong in the International fashion scene for her attention to detail and couturier techniques. The amount of handwork involved in each finished garment is breathtaking and notable. As with the establishment of Riya Kodali Design House, the idea behind it is to inspire the highest quality of hand craftsmanship and authenticity of materials used.
Each day, we put on clothes that do more than just cover up bodies. We choose clothes that represent our personalities, our moods, the times we live in, our ambitions and our desires. Who are the people behind the designs we wear every day? Riya Kodali has contributed largely in the make of fashion as a huge industry, and whose work is as controversial, and as influential, as traditional art. These are some of the designers who have dressed the world’s most famous people—and are hugely famous in their own right.

Website : http://www.riyakodali.com/

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