Local Search Engine in Bangalore

Local search engine citymate

Local Search Engine in Bangalore

The desire for more knowledge and information has led to the rise of local search engines. Gone are the days when we used to check the newspapers and magazines to gather information about the products and services. With the rise of world wide web, the search engines has become a tool for gathering more information about a person, community, service or geographical locations. The website that concentrates on a particular location or a city is fit to be branded as the local search engine. Citymate is the new star in the field of search engines that has been set up in Bangalore.

The interesting part of the local search engines, like Citymate a person gets everything ranging from bus stops, rail timings, fire engine stations, parks, libraries, arrival of a plane, hospitals, IT parks, supermarkets, post office, vegetable markets, computer institutes, colleges, schools, offices, and other details.



 Bengaluru is a city known as the pensioner’s paradise and, due to the rise of technology, the city has undergone a tremendous change. Earlier people used to search newspapers to find the details regarding various products. After the year 2000, many web design companies began to ponder on setting up the search engines to satisfy the needs of various customers.  Now there are many local search engines available in Bengaluru to fulfill the desire of various customers and Citymate is one of them. Many search engines have entered the market providing dedicated local search, and capturing the market once held by the television, newspapers and the magazines.

Search engines targets the customers, especially the youngsters, using it to find products and services like jobs, education, electronic items like DVD players, Television, Fridge, Computers and others. In the coming years, the search engines will spread its tentacles in the market and destroy the space held by the free ads, yellow pages and others. Citymate is one of the upcoming search engine in Bangalore, playing vital role in enhancing its business by giving right customers to the right service providers. The next step of the Citymate would be to promote their business in social media’s, provide stiff competition to their competitors and generate revenue.


Some of the exciting search engines available in Bengaluru are given below as follows:


Search engines are a means to digitize the services of the company. Once you digitize the service of the company, it comes with various advantages like increasing the efficiency. Paper less environment gets created, and since most of the documents are digitized, the time spent on unifying, recovering and evaluating the data will get reduced. Search engines are playing an energetic role in collecting many contacts and many search engines are offering local based searches and national based searches. Most of the search engines has tracker giving details about number of the visitors to their website and matching it with other players.

Search engines are the major pillar of the internet world. Many people love to use the search engines to gather the data they want. According to a survey done by a leading advertisement giant, despite growth in IT and BT, only 80% users are interested in the use of search engines. One must be on guard against, fly by night search engines entering the market, there by misleading the customers and the service providers.

Website : www.citymate.in  | Call@ : 99850-99850

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