Mayur’s Tattoo Zone | Bangalores best Tattoo Studio

tatooThe art on the walls tell a story and every antique owns a personality. Historically, tattooing was the art of a craftsman—but today it has evolved beyond a craft to a carefully illustrated unique art form. Tattooing is surviving—and thriving—due to its secretive tradition and our need to stand out as an individual. It gives us strength—and most importantly the memory. We specialize in custom tattoos. Tell us a little bit about what you want, and our exceptional artists will draw up exactly what you want.

I am a tattoo artist; but more importantly, I am an artist. I do everything from airbrushing to oil paintings. A well rounded artist is an exceptional tattoo artist. The tattoo artists I hire are well rounded artists. This is my standard. Now that I finally have the dream that I have worked so hard for, I expect nothing but the best when I hire an artist.


Built in 2000, the shop is located at Basaveshwarnagar. This is the best tattoo shop in Bangalore. Tattoo is a combination of industrial-modern meets an apothecary artist studio where our aim is to create a memorable experience of tradition and nostalgia while providing a modern, clean environment with the best of tattooing.

All of our staff receive annual blood borne pathogen training, which include, but is not limited to information on sterilization of instruments, proper handling of disposable sharps, and disinfection procedures for all work and sterilization areas. All bio hazardous waster is picked up and disposed of by a certified bio hazard waste removal company. Single use needles is one of the many ways we protect our clients. Human Canvas Tattoo is dedicated to providing the hightest quality body art in a clean and professional environment.You will recieve your tattoo in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.
is to create a unique, personal experience for each client through our diverse artistic talent, innovative techniques, modern tools, proven sterilization procedures, and comfortable environment. We make sure each tattoo is a positively memorable experience.
Whether you are looking for large scale body work, complex asian pieces, creative custom work to exquisite lettering or floral work, We constantly strive to give you something extraordinary in the art of tattooing with creative artwork, positive attitudes, and a unique atmosphere meant to inspire our clients. We strive to maintain the highest standards in ethical tattooing, quality, cleanliness, and service.
We do not believe in running down other studios, its unprofessional and we appreciate healthy competition, but we urge you to visit our artists galleries, and compare to other local tattoo studios before you choose where to have your tattoo’s done, it will be with you for life. My goal is to make good life long relationships with all my customers. I am here to stay and you are welcome here anytime.
Contact : 9886201934

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