Sanctum Wealth Management Private Limited | Mumbai

sanctum“Sanctum Wealth offers high quality end-to-end wealth management solutions for High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs). We have Industry Veterans in Portfolio and wealth management and Trusted Consultants and Wealth Managers who have in-depth understanding of domestic and international markets that enables them to create innovative and adaptable solutions to suit the varied needs of our clients. We make sure that your specific requirements are adhered to while designing the best solutions to help you manage your portfolios and maximise your wealth in an effective manner. Our services are reliable, customized, and 100% confidential.

With Sanctum Wealth, you can achieve your financial goals to secure a legacy for yourself and your future generations.”



Our leaders create an environment where
excellence thrives and partnership is valued



Extensively researched and numbers-backed
solutions to complex requirements



Reviews, expert talks, market analysis, new
investment baskets

Ours is a long-term commitment, to you and to your future generations. It is a promise to take the time to fully understand your goals and ambitions. And it is our mission to bring those goals and ambitions to life.

Sanctum is led by some of the most experienced people in Indian wealth management. With diverse backgrounds and extensive knowledge of markets and opportunities, our leaders help steer the organisation and its response to a dynamic market and a fast-changing world, always looking for ways to create value for our clients.

Our people thrive in dynamic environments and often like to question conventional philosophies in the world of wealth management. At the same time, they stay true to the bedrock principles that define good wealth management – prudence and discretion.

Sanctum is governed by a reputable board of directors with vast global experience across industries. They have overseen companies through times of dramatic shifts in business landscapes and major regulatory changes. They provide governance and oversight at the highest level and facilitate the definition of the company’s strategy.

Rory Tapner


Chairman, Coutts Foundation (Former CEO Coutts Group, Former Chairman & CEO UBS Asia Pacific), London

Jayesh Parekh


Managing Partner of Jungle Ventures, Singapore

Shagun Kapur Gogia

Founder and Managing Director, Tuscan Ventures, Mumbai

Nitin Nath

Co-Founder, Mount Nathan Advisors, Singapore


Shiv Gupta

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sanctum Wealth, Mumbai


Sanctum Wealth Management Private Limited

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