Best Interior Designer & Decorator in Bangalore

Best Interior Design Company for you !

100Krafts is one of the best Interior Design company in Bangalore, Pune and other cities across India. We provide options for all home interior design through the Power of our Platform. Right from selection of the right professional interior designer to options available for woodwork, furniture, home décor, lighting etc is all customized based on your taste and budget. Our famous operations process takes care of the rest.

Quality of materials

We ensure that our partners use the same quality of materials – outside and inside – that have been promised in the quote.

Best Pricing

We help good designers in getting volume works. Hence our rates are negotiated with designers making us highly competitive.

Ref checked partners

Our partner Architects, Designers & Contractors pass through stringent background checks to ensure that you get the best service that your money can get.

Regular project inspections

Our work does not end with getting you connected. Depending on the work, our team conducts inspection and follow ups to ensure proper project execution.


Our quotes include written warranties on services and materials that are unique to this industry.

Multiple service providers

We select the best possible architect, interior designer or contractor based on your unique home requirements.

What we do Our Capabilities

A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch

Home Interiors

Any budget, any style, we have a solution

Specialized Services
Landscaping or home automation, home theater or anything else under the sun or ceiling… we can do it

Furniture & Decor
Crafting with Love
Customized, designed & built to your taste and lifestyle

Designing Services
Only want your home designed? We can do that. Include some amazing realistic images as well

Be it your own home or a multistory apartment complex or a commercial building? Experience is at our side with a wide array of architects for every need

Bangalore: 9740233446
Pune: 8007437766

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